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On September 20th 2011 Royds Hall will have operated as a school for 90 years.

Read about the house and school history in more detail:

Timeline of important events in Royds Hall's history.

Paddock and Royds Hall house.

Royds Hall School.

Staff & students of Royds Hall.

Famous students.

Royds Hall Manor


house, farm, hospital & school

Churchill said, “We shape our buildings and our buildings shape us”

The various stages of use of Royds Hall reflected a changing Britain from a predominantly farming economy, through immense industrial revolution in the 19th century, to the post- industrial scene of the 20th century.

Royds Hall began as an important farmhouse in the Paddock and Longwood area and was rebuilt as a mansion, known as Royds Wood, whose philanthropic mill owner served the increasingly industrialised and expanding town of Huddersfield. Some time after the death of its occupant, in response to the demands for medical facilities for the war wounded, it became a Military Hospital in World War I. When this was no longer required it became the first co-educational secondary school in Huddersfield because of the national need for education for 11 to 18 year olds.

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