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Sharon Higginbotham - 03/09/1979 to 11/05/1984

Now living nack in Huddersfield.

Married with a grown up son and working as a Specialist Nurse

posted on Tuesday 1st Mar 2016 at 01:28 PM

debbie sheldon - 1979 to 1984

I have fond memories of Royds Hall, my favorite teacher was Mr Biddle, he taught english.unlike most of the class i loved writing the essays he wanted. and it was the only subject i excelled in.

One of my most vivid memories is of Mrs Free inspecting us as we queued in the dinner line, anyone wearing make up was sent to the toilets to scrub it off. incuding me.

After leaving the school, my first job was at Kastix in Holmfirth, where i worked as a sewing machinist, i was sacked after 3 months as i was not good at it.

I then went to work at butlins as a waitress, then a redcoat.

After the season ended i went to work as an international  dancer, after that i became an actress for awhile until motherhood arrived.

I'm now writing a film script, i was inspired after attended an evening class at greenhead college, and of course that lovely English teacher Mr Biddle at Royds Hall High.

posted on Saturday 13th Dec 2014 at 12:29 AM

David Morelli - 1970 to 1974

I recently returned to the school for a reunion 40 years on since leaving. Wonderful memories came flooding back, especially when stood outside the classroom where I was taught geography my Mr.Ken Moore. I loved the subject and dreamed of going to all those places around the world as I gazed at the map of the world on the wall.

I served my engineering apprenticeship at Hopkinsons and have continued to be an engineer throughout my life. I still love geography and carry on living my dream as I visit different countries on holiday. I didn't make it to all those places around the world but have visited around 3,500 different places in 57 countries so far, and wether I've been up a glacier in New Zealand, a volcano in Italy, in a hurricane in America, an earthquake in The Caribbean, in the rain forest in Tasmania, the Sahara Desert in Africa, the bush in Australia, unbearable humidity in Singapore or minus 27 degrees in Russia, I always think about my geography lessons. I could go on but may bore you to death. Mr.Moore kept me interested in a subject that I still love, he has cost me a fortune over the past 40 years but has earned me so much life experience and pleasure in visiting so many places and meeting many wonderful people. But then I was at school with many wonderful kids and many wonderful teachers.

Thank you Royds Hall.

posted on Saturday 7th Jun 2014 at 12:41 AM

Lynda Waters - 1957 to 1961

Moved to Chester 1970

Married with three Children, Grandchildren eight.

Married for a 2nd time bringing total grandchildren to thirteen.

Retired Sales Manager 20 years with Express Dairies.

Now Parish Councillor for Puddington & District, Cheshire West & Chester.

Hobbies:- Chester Rugby Union F.C., W.I., Gardening, Cycling, Walking, Theatre, Cooking and Dining out, particularly in France!

posted on Thursday 4th Jul 2013 at 09:15 PM

john Cotton - 1944 to 1946

I was at Royds Hall for two wonderful years way back in the forties. The Head master then was Mr (Dan) Gurney and my form master was Jumbo Wilson,who taught geography.The assistant Head was a formidable lady whose name escapes me. I remember two classmates from those years,Raymond Watkinson and Margaret Crowther. I have completely lost touch with bot. I emigrated to Canada in 1953 and have been here since. Would love to hear from anyone who was at school with me back then. 

posted on Monday 7th Jan 2013 at 08:50 PM

Barbara Garside - 1950 to 1954

I have lovely memories of my time at Royds Hall. 

I moved to Canada in 1954 with my family at the age of 15.

I remember fondly my friends; Betty Mizon, Susan Dyson, Jennifer Watson, Maureen Davis ("Davvy")

posted on Wednesday 22nd Aug 2012 at 07:14 PM

Alan (Fred) Robinson - 1967 to 1973

Left in 73 joined Parks Dept, joined Ambulance service in 74 took ill health retirement in 96, didn't do a lot afterwards. Married in 80 still together, two kids one of each and two grandchildren, son lives in Germany, Daughter still in Huddersfield, we moved the south of France 2007. I remember art teacher with "niki bar". Crunch pt teacher, Bob Ward music, Ken Ling. library. Played a lot of rugby,  " Tank, Johnny, Roman, Goody," The good old days 

posted on Wednesday 22nd Aug 2012 at 10:24 AM

Hazel Hirst - 1967 to 1971

Left Royds at 15 - worked at Ben Riley bookbinders on Leeds Road 1971 - 1982.  Got married in 1979.  Had 1st daughter in 1982 and 2nd daughter arrived 1984.  Worked with husband in his building/plastering business 1985 - 1995.  Bought Dryclough Road Post Office in Crosland Moor in 1995, sold up and moved to Perth Western Australia in 2007.  Eldest daughter still living in Huddersfield with her partner and daughter (born 2011).  Youngest daughter living over here, close to us, with her partner and daughter (born 2004).  Looking forward to retiring in the next few years and hearing from anyone who may know me.   

posted on Saturday 18th Feb 2012 at 07:38 AM

Tony Wrathall - 1948 to 1953

On leaving Royds I served an apprenticeship at David Brown’s Park Works and in 1961 transferred to David Brown Tractors as a design draughtsman.

Moved to Kirkstall Forge Engineering as a designer, eventually becoming Chief Designer.

Went to work for JCB Excavators (the digger people) as Project Manager, then Chief Engineer of the transmissions division and ending the last 10 years of my working career as Director of Engineering.

Qualifications picked up along the way are Ordinary National Certificate, Higher National Diploma, Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (M.I.Mech.E), Chartered Engineer (C.Eng) and in the USA, Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Sounds crazy but I still remember most of the words of the school song.

posted on Tuesday 20th Sep 2011 at 03:06 PM

Comfort Arayela nee Awoyemi - 1969 to 1970

After Royds Hall I came to Nigeria and continued my secondary education at St Annes College Ibadan. I completed my first degree in 1982, my Master Degree in 1984 and a PhD in Dramatic Literature in 2005. I presently lecture at the Redeemer's University, Mowe Ogun State Nigeria and am the Vice Dean of the College of Humanities.

posted on Sunday 4th Sep 2011 at 10:30 PM

Dave Whitworth - 1948 to 1954

On leaving Royds, I started as an apprentice electrical/mechanical fitter in the Controls Division of Messrs Hopkinsons, valve manufacturers, Birkby.  Then, within two years, I was transferred into the drawing office and started training to be a design draughtsman. 

Success in my part time studies exams at the Technical College led to me being enrolled on a four year sandwich course in electrical engineering at what then became the College of Technology, later Huddersfield University. The course consisted of six month periods of college work alternating with six months based back at the factory. 

At the conclusion of the course, in 1961, I passed the Institution of Electrical Engineers examinations to receive the IEE Diploma in Electrical Engineering – the equivalent of a university degree.  Twelve months later I made a complete career change when I left Hopkinsons to become an engineer with the Yorkshire Electricity Board. 

It was the best move I ever made and turned out to be the best job in the world, despite sometimes having to be out in all weathers at any time day or night.  On the plus side, when walking across the fields above Holmfirth early on a beautiful summer’s morning, to issue safety documentation to overhead linesmen, I can recall thinking to myself –“I’m actually being paid to do this!”

After privatisation of the supply industry the regime changed somewhat and, at the end of 1995, I joined many of my colleagues and took early retirement.

I’ve recently been back to Royds to take my young grandson to an evening trampoline lesson – he’ll be following me to the school in 2012.  While there I noticed the two vaulting horses and I’m sure one of them is the same one that I used to vault over in Chippy’s gym lessons 60 years ago!

posted on Monday 25th Jul 2011 at 10:04 AM

Michael Pearson - 1973 to 1978

Started playing the violin professionally in the mid- 80s in Bath (did a stint in the Pump Room Trio) but London beckoned and I worked there on and off in between time with orchestras in Scotland, Ireland and Italy. I have been working in Madrid since the early 90s and give concerts and broadcast regularly. I still return to Huddersfield very frequently and think of it as home..the beer maybe has something to do with this...

posted on Wednesday 29th Jun 2011 at 10:56 PM

David Meal - 1946 to 1951

Good times, plenty of soccer and tennis mixed in with some work!

Have always been grateful for the base the school gave me. Went on to spend 10 years in the Army, then qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant. Joined Rowntree, later to become part of the Nestle group and spent many happy years with the group, Lived in Singapore (3 years), York, then Paris (5 years) then Switzerland (8 years), before retiring back to York. Still there. Retirement is hard work == if you do it properly!! Follow York City,York Cricket Club, involved heavily at Church and keen member of our Ebor Probus Club

Anyone keen to share a pint - please get in touch.

posted on Tuesday 21st Jun 2011 at 11:02 AM

Michael Wood - 1966 to 1972

40 Years On coming up rapidly (SLOW DOWN!!!)

See facebook for more info on me etc.

Might be interesting to go have a look round this September & maybe see a few old faces.

posted on Wednesday 16th Mar 2011 at 09:21 AM

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