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robert noble - 1976 to 1981

Writing his on a cold and wet Sunday morning in Huddersfield. Nothing changes.

What do I remember about royds hall. Mr ling with his false arm,Mr Marshall and nickibar,playing football and rugby in the rain.having long hair and a bad tash. 

I'm  still  living  in Huddersfield and working for the council. completed 22 years as a reservist soldier.

Lost contact with my school mates, Robert bullock,Neil diamond and Andrew bar stow. 

See one or two people I know  from the list even an old flame.would like to hear from any of you.you can find me on Facebook or email.

posted on Sunday 22nd Nov 2015 at 11:56 AM

robert noble - 1976 to 1981

Hi to all that know  me.

Still living in Huddersfield  and working for the council.still a serving member with the reserve forces.

What do I remember about  royds hall,Mr ling and his false hand.mr Marshall and nickibar! Sports played in all weather's usually rain.chasing girls and never catching one.

See by the list of names I can see one or two I know,even an old flame!happy days at Grove St.

Please feel free to contact me also on facebook

posted on Sunday 22nd Nov 2015 at 11:06 AM

Susan Brown [Fulwood] - 1953 to 1960

Remember my days at Royds. Met my dear husband David Brown at school we married in !964. We both became physical education teachers having received excellent grounding in sport at Royds. Sadly Dave passed away in 1995. I am now living in Perth W Australia where my son and daughter and their families live. taken up golf perfect sport for this wonderful climate.

posted on Tuesday 4th Aug 2015 at 02:35 PM

Jenny Dykes - 1959 to 1964

My husband and I taught at Royds Hall until our marriage in 1964.  Paul had been there since 1956.

Obviously we have very happy memories of the School, in particular the Sixth form Christmas parties.  That was a time when having fun meant being daft in the nicest possible way!

I send the School every good wish, both now and for the future.

posted on Saturday 7th Mar 2015 at 07:01 PM

melvyn spencer - 1956 to 1960

hi,people usually remember me by my nickname,spanner.

posted on Friday 27th Feb 2015 at 11:47 PM

Janet Harding - 1975 to 1980

My family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1980. I didn't realize what a huge deal thar would be, leaving all my family and friends behind. After a lot of homesickness and adjustment I got used to the way life is here. New high school, college, etc.. When I think about my time at Royds Hall, and remember the fat short ties and the skinny boys it makes me smile. It seems we were so much more relaxed about grades, homework etc..and free just to be kids. My homeroom was the sewing room and boys were always pulling some kind of prank, for instance locking up someone in the movable storage bins. Students had a sort of mixed respect and trepidation towards their teachers, I am not sure if things are the same now, but can testify to the fact it's not that way here. My 8th grader Sophie challenges her honors math teacher on a daily basis and has no problem speaking up for herself. I would love to hear from some of my old friends in England especially Linda z, Kaye Fraser or anyone from my old homeroom.

posted on Sunday 15th Feb 2015 at 08:21 PM

Susan David ( née Hales ) - 1961 to 1965

Went to Royds lost contact with school friends when I moved to Southampton with my family,would be great to know how my school mates are today.

posted on Wednesday 28th Jan 2015 at 08:08 PM

mary Augustine (Billy) - 01/09/1969 to 01/06/1974

It was wondweful to see my old freiends today 31/05/14. 40 years on. Excellent performance of our school song.

posted on Saturday 31st May 2014 at 03:54 PM

Dean Cholmondeley - 1993 to 1996

I loved this school, very happy memories. I now live in Hereford and have a my own plumbing company.

I would love to meet other from my era, as I seem to have drifted away from them.

A brilliant school that did me and by brother proud.

posted on Sunday 27th Apr 2014 at 04:40 PM

Harry (Harjinder) Singh - 1981 to 1987

Well what can I say.......

43years old, married, two boys but still living in the centre of the universe Huddersfield !!

Took my young lads to Royds Hall and wow !! them memories.....

Love to hear from any of you guys Westy, Alwin, Corky, Lips, Taz, Lee, Muzy, Khalid, Scotty (Ellis), Diamond, - Hope life is well and your enjoying your Youth at 40's

Lets have a coffee or beer soon.......

posted on Sunday 30th Mar 2014 at 01:07 PM

David Sykes - 1947 to 1952

I attended Royds Hall Grammer School just after the war when there were very few male teachers

I obtained GCE in Maths, Physics and Handycraft (Woodwork). Mr Dan Gurney was Head Master and the Headmistress was Ms Garside. I was advised to get a job and study further and get some letters after my name!

Subsequently I became an apprentice at Robert Dempster $ Sons in Elland and studied at the Percival Whitley College in Halifax. In my first exam I was awarded 100% in Maths and 98% in English. I subsequently obtained a GCE in English Language, an ONC and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. My employment at Dempsters was initially as a Draughtsman later becoming a Drawing Office Section Leader and later Chief Engineer (Mechanical Handling Division)

I became a member of the Institution om Mechanical Engineers, and the letters after My name were S.I.Mech.E, then Grad.Mech.E and later C.Eng,. M.I.Mech.E

I retired from being a Director of Brighose Engineering Ltd some years ago and now live in retirement at Birchencliffe.

So I consider my Education at Royds Hall gave me a good start in life.

posted on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at 12:44 PM

sue smith - 1980 to 1985

I'm sue who suffered a hell of a time at school. I was bullied for no reason ( and if they met me now, they may like me) but I'm so glad to of gone to Royds Hall. Can I come back even though I'm 44? x


posted on Tuesday 19th Mar 2013 at 05:11 PM

paul freeman - 18/01/1988 to 16/09/1997

God I remember them days like yesterday  I can Remember the teachers  I.E

Mr & Mrs  Parker ,Mr Ling, Ms Holdswotrth , Miss Stansfield  ,Mr Johnson, Mr Edwards,Mre Clarkson, Mrs Holroyd ETC .....

All the above  have given me sound schooling and I thank them for making me be the person I am today  I am  a working for  a  police  force  and I love it and that is down to being a pupil at the above school.

Many Thanks

posted on Saturday 8th Sep 2012 at 10:52 PM

Alan (Fred) Robinson - 1967 to 1973

Same member of rugby team as Stephen Rushworth, cannot remember the year, but I think it was the first time the school had won this cup, it was Yorkshire school boys champions cup, we played the final at Leeds rd playing fields, Clive Turners (Tank) dad filmed it so it may be out there somewhere. A lot of our class went into the police force. All retired now I should imagine. Head boy was "Chessy" Vic Szczesnowicz, head girl Angela Hoggate. I looked after the fish tanks outside the heads offices, our six form room was in the attic up some narrow steps. Mrs Parker could be a bit hard at time but all the teachers tried there best, It could be a bit lively with chalk and board rubbers being thrown at you, Mr Marshall (Metalwork) was the best he just picked up anything, not a lot of glass in that  section of the school. 

posted on Wednesday 22nd Aug 2012 at 02:06 PM

Philip Dawson - 1967 to 1971

What can I say, Even if only to get my name among these old school memories.

I remember the tradition of throwing the newbies through the hawthorne bushes, treasured memories.

My time at Royds Hall is a blur, and I have never been back to the school since leaving, never saw the need.

Was present at the time the traitor Harold Wilson visited and when the brave individual , rasberried, at him in assembly. Well it was more of a croak but funny none the less.

The standard of education in the school was high and I would assume it still is.

I was, just about, always LATE for everything and Mr Mc Kean used to say that he spent his time productively and only spent time in bed to sleep, and that I, that is ME, should RISE early and go to bed early, this way I would not MISS the full day and therefore live longer. I did like Mr Mckean, however did spend a few moments bent over the chair being caned, I have never forgotten that cane cupboard.

Anyone from the period I was there who remembers me is welcome to contact me. phil@sentientsociety.ws

For the current scholars, you are at a place that is recognised world wide. I have travelled and lived abroad and know this to be true. Huddersfield is only a small place but it is well known world wide. Be true to yourself and carry on the tradition of the school and be the best you can be, THIS is all we ask nothing more.


Namaste, rev phil;

posted on Sunday 17th Jun 2012 at 03:03 PM

Andrew Littlewood - 1977 to 1982

Attended school between 1977/78 and 1981/82.

Form teachers were:

Miss Marshall

Mr Bourn

Mr Kennedy

Mr Pratt (4th and 5th year)

posted on Monday 9th Apr 2012 at 01:31 AM

Gary Kershaw - 1951 to 1956

After leaving, did a five-year apprenticeship at Radio Equipment and Huddersfield Tech. and qualified as a radio & TV engineer. Worked at Charles H Shaw and Premier TV before emigrating to Montreal Canada in 1966. Worked for Philips Electronics then Concordia University as a tech. in the audio-visual department., where I stayed for 23 years. I'm now happily retired and collect and repair tube and transistor radios as a hobby. I never thought that learning French would come in useful, but now I'm pleased it was taught at Royds.

posted on Tuesday 27th Mar 2012 at 04:21 PM

stephen rushworth - 1967 to 1972

Member of Mr Cleary's Rugby cup winning team, along with Clive Turner, Graham Good, Anthony Johnson. Has any one still got the team photo? I would love a copy.

posted on Tuesday 18th Oct 2011 at 05:41 AM

Robert Moore - 1951 to 1959

Earned a PhD in Biochemistry at Leeds University then went to study Clinical Biochemistry at Toronto University in 1967. I was an associate professor at the University of Toronto and Clinical Biochemist at Sunnybrook Hospital for 33 years. I am still active professionally.

I ran for Longwood Harriers and Leeds University at cross country and track then represented Canada in the Commonwealth Games in 1970 at the marathon. I have run internationally on the roads, cross country and on the track. I hold several age group running records in Canada and was third in the World Marathon Championships for the over 40 years of age in Japan in 1984. I still compete.

Royds Hall gave me an excellent start to both academics and athletics.

posted on Friday 7th Oct 2011 at 02:25 AM

Noreen Logan (nee Hackett) - 1948 to 1953

An unremarkable student, came away with one GCE in Geography.  But had great admiration for Dan Gurney.

Through him I believe a group of us girls changed the curriculum, for the better.  When deciding to take a commercial course we were dismayed to find we could not continue with foreign languages, I think it was our arguments with Dan that changed that.

Royds Hall gave me a great grounding for adult life. I particularly enjoyed our civic lessons, with I think Mr. Porter, and public speaking with Winnie Bishop in our first year. Young people are missing out on these skills today.

Thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday afternoon of recollections. Thanks for that.

Do hope more female ex-pupils will come forward.

posted on Sunday 25th Sep 2011 at 04:04 PM

Mohammed Khalid - 1981 to 1987

Hi to everyone

I was a student at the school between 1981 and 1987. Got to admit wasn’t the most popular of student with the teachers.

My first form tutor was Mrs Belcher and my class was 1A1. Then i moved into 2A3 that was Mr Charles he also continued to be my form tutor in 3A3. In the 4th and 5th year my form teacher was Mrs Davis.

I must admit that the days at Royds Hall were some of the best days of my life and have a lot of memories every time i drive past the school.

i would just like to say thanks to all the teachers that were at the school at the time some of which are mentioned above and also Mr Scholes, Mrs Martin, Mr Mullany and all the rest that were at school at the time.

May i also say a big hi to all the students that i studied with throughout my time at the school. Some students in my year were Alwin Paul, Craig Corckran, Harjinder Singh, Mohammed Tariq, Scott Ellis & Paul Diamond.

I have moved away from Huddersfield now and am living in Scotland at the moment but always visit Huddersfield 2 or 3 times a year.

Life is very interesting now i have my own home and businesses but would love to rewind the clock and be back at Royds Hall.

posted on Friday 16th Sep 2011 at 08:01 AM

Susan Schofield - 04/09/1961 to 28/05/1966

Its 50 years since I started at Royds. Left at the end of May 1966 as we emigrated to New Zealand that year.  I finally came home in 1996 and live back in Huddersfield (missed the Yorkshire accent and sense of humour!).  Have some great memories of my time at Royds and will definitely be coming to the afternoon tea on the 24th.  Hope to catch up with others from 1961-1966 era, both pupils and teachers.  I still have my autograph book and the speech day photo (from 1966) which I will download onto the site.

posted on Tuesday 13th Sep 2011 at 12:55 PM

Comfort Arayela nee Awoyemi - 1969 to 1970

So proud to be a part of your history even though it was brief because of my return to Nigeria.

posted on Sunday 4th Sep 2011 at 09:43 PM

Graeme Mitchell - 02/09/1976 to 19/05/1981

Not quite Grange Hill, but my experience at Royds was very formative. There wasn't the structure in school that my children now enjoy, so it really was survival of the fittest. There was little control over bullying and that affected me and others in a detrimental way.

I achieved moderate final qualifications comparatively, but the whole experience helped form a never say die resolve which has stood me in good stead in my career. i am a Chartered Town Planner and am currently Development Manager at a large unitary local authority.

I remember many of my teachers fondly including Mr Cleary, Mr Parker, Mr Mullany and Mrs Twigg.

posted on Sunday 28th Aug 2011 at 09:23 PM

Andrew Loughran - 1951 to 1957

Great memories of Royds Hall and the teaching staff. Hoping to attend the events on Sept 24th 

posted on Wednesday 24th Aug 2011 at 08:47 PM

Jason Bates - 01/09/1981 to 31/07/1986

I really enjoyed my school life at Royds Hall and as you do make life time friends and memories that are etched to your mind forever! Steve Scholes maths teacher a life long friend, Mick Sutton RE teacher (ahaha - somewhat misplaced Mick), Mick Creary and all my mates fun times we had really. "scholesy"an inspiration who introduced me to outdoor sports, widdop gate and school camp helped me attain my passions of today - flying and skydiving (although not at the same time!). I loved Royds, it was a complete blast - now living in New Zealand and with a teenage son of my own i hope that he gains as much pleasure from high school as I did - happy 90th Royds, a thank you to the staff of my day and those friends I can still see today through the power of Facebook ....

posted on Tuesday 16th Aug 2011 at 02:50 AM

Andrew Wilby - 1988 to 1993

Looking forward to the big 90, pay a visit a visit and see what has changed, and hopefully see some of the staff and fellow pupils that attended whist I was at the school

posted on Saturday 16th Jul 2011 at 05:31 PM

Shannon and Sophie - 01/11/2008 to 08/07/2011

We are current students at the school, we like this page.. it is great to learn and have fun! Wow keep up the good comments!

posted on Friday 8th Jul 2011 at 12:58 PM

Peter Meal - 1939 to 1946

Colours in football and cricket though not particularly good. Left school after HSC in maths, geolography and chemistry in 1946 and immediately called-up.  Served in army in Germany. Left army 1948 to enter Leeds University. BSc geology 1951.  Married former Roydsian Pat Whitwam same year.  Joined Colonial service in 1952 - Geological Survey of Uganda.  Served until Uganda Independence 1962.  Returned to Uk and joined HM Factory inspectorate; retired 1987.   Now living near Harrogate still with Pat, both well into eighties.   


posted on Friday 24th Jun 2011 at 05:07 PM

Gillian Young - 1976 to 1977

I was head girl at Royds Hall in 1976-1977 and have many fond memories. In those days I was Gillian Bradley.

I am looking forward to the schools birthday celebrations.. I can rightly or maybe wrongly remember the school song and working with Rob Ward and the school on the Musical Time in Time Out (of which I have still got the album!).

posted on Tuesday 21st Jun 2011 at 09:37 AM

Joanne Bates - 05/09/1973 to 20/07/1979

First year as a comprehensive saw the start of the new Head Mr Clarkson.

Assemblies were frequent and some fainted as I recall. Loved the PE dept and was known as red shorts to Miss Love. Hedgehog to class mates too. Enjoyed the musical aspect appearing in the choir of Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar and Time in Time out. Science has been my life within the textile trade and I'm sure some part of it due to the physics teacher who always started with a run down each Monday of how the Town had done at the weekend. I do remember the School song as we sung it in the Town Hall in our first year there. Living in Carlisle now.

Happy 90th to everyone past and present.

posted on Thursday 9th Jun 2011 at 10:45 PM

Michael Pearson - 1973 to 1978

I went to Royds in it's first year as a comprehensive school. I'm not so sure that the school was fully prepared for this new system but there was some excellent teaching going on nevertheless. I particularly remember the excellent Mrs Davis in the English department and of course Bob Ward the Head of Music who got the whole school involved in his projects most notably his rock opera Time In, Time Out. I benefitted from free violin lessons at the school (usually at the wonderful Royds House now sadly burnt down) with Bernard Townsend and I have been a professional violinist for around 25 years. I still walk through the grounds when I am back home and retain fond memories of my time there. My very best regards to all former students and staff that remember me and Happy 90th Royds Hall!

posted on Wednesday 8th Jun 2011 at 08:14 PM

keith fielding - 1951 to 1959

I enjoyed my time at Royds, I got involved in re-unions last one 1996. Any interested OR in attending the 90th anniversary should contact the school. I still visit the school regularly as a governor. It is worth a re-visit on the 24/9/2011.

posted on Wednesday 8th Jun 2011 at 11:08 AM

simon pochin - 81 to 86

Mr Creary led a bunch of spotty hairballs of all shapes and sizes to 2 cup wins and a third final, and narrowly lost.

I have looked many times on the web for photos but without success.

Nobody seemed to make such a fuss at the time but it was an amazing coaching job and there were many heroic moments from the team.

To look at us compared to say, Deighton, whom, we met in two finals, you would of thought we had no chance, but against all odds.........................!!!!

Anyone have photos?

posted on Tuesday 19th Apr 2011 at 06:20 PM

carl stocks - 1946 to 1951

Retired and living in Cumbria after career in the aircraft industry working on design and development of civil and military aircraft. Was reasonably good at soccer, played for the school, and played cricket for the 2nd 11,  don't know why was useless,  ran for the school in the west riding inter school sports. Not a distinguished academic record but did manage my GCE's, first ever, overall a happy time.

posted on Sunday 27th Mar 2011 at 09:06 PM

Michael Wood - 1966 to 1971

Just occurred to me its 40 years on this year since I left! So decided to have a look and see whats on the net about the old place.

Hi to anyone I was at  school with! 

posted on Sunday 13th Mar 2011 at 09:17 PM

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